Dear Sir/Madam,

     We would like to invite you to participate in the 14th International Forum on Finance and Banking, entitled Modern Finance and the Economic Thought Towards the Challenge of Balance in the Market Economy, organized by the Department of Finance of the Institute of Economics and Finance at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and Bogor Agricultural University – School of Business (Indonesia). The Forum will be held on 24-25.11.2022 at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (hybrid-contact/Teams).
    The main theme of the Forum will focus on the issue of challenges of contemporary finance and economic thought, both in micro and macroeconomic terms. Particular attention will be paid to modern finance and the needs for its use in the market economy, economic thought in terms of practical applications in economic processes, pandemic experiences in the area of economic and financial effects on the economy, the functioning of the market economy under conditions of high inflation, digitization in the area of financial management in the economy, ESG as a tool for sustainable development, challenges for business entities in financing the energy transition, and educational trends in modern finance.
    The primary objective of the Forum is to exchange experiences between practitioners and academics in the area of the proposed topics. The exchange of views and substantive discussion will enable the formulation of conclusions to support economic and public activities in the sphere of finance in a changing socio-economic environment.


Yours faithfully,
Dr hab. Mirosław Wasilewski, Assoc. Prof. SGGW
Chairman of Organizing Committee